Live Entertainment

Live Music Singer Island Riviera Beach

We've got a variety of live entertainment every week including live bands, DJ, karaoke, and more.

Check our our events page for upcoming events

Flat Screen TVs

Flat Screen TVs Singer Island FL

Come watch your favorite sporting event on one of our 12 flat-screen TVs.

Bar Games

Pool Tables Riviera Beach FL

Come on out and shoot some pool on one of our 5 pool tables.

Dart Boards Riviera Beach FL

Dart Boards
How good is your aim? No matter your skill level, enjoy playing darts in our fun, laid-back atmosphere.

Arcade Games

Golden Tee Golf Game Riviera Beach FL

Golden Tee Golf Game
Ready to tee off? Golden Tee is the ultimate virtual golf game with countless courses, challenges and strategies. Brush up on your putting skills and watch your ball soar across animated landscapes in the pursuit of that elusive hole in one.

Namco Pac-Man Arcade Game Riviera Beach FL

Namco Games
Step up to play some of the most classic arcade games from the 80's including Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Galaga!

TouchTunes Jukebox

Jukebox Riviera Beach FL

Be your own DJ
When there's no live entertainment, pick out your favorite songs for the jukebox right from your phone with the TouchTunes app!